Faith 101 – Part 5
Faith Works By Love

Faith 101

“Where lives change and where life can begin again”

The thing that I am constantly mindful of is my love walk. My love walk is

connected to so much of my life. My words, my actions, my body language, and

even my attitude. We all must be mindful.


God puts so much emphasis to on our love for others and toward Him, that we

must pay close attention to it as we live our daily lives.

We should study love and learn what it looks like to God and examine our lives to

see if we are exhibiting these traits and habits in our lives.


Of course, if anyone knows me at all, my favorite chapter in scripture is 1

Corinthians 13. They are not my favorite verses of scriptures because I live them

so well, but rather they are a constant reminder to me of what I need to work on.

I must follow them for the rest of my life to please and honor the command of

God. He gave us a “cheat sheet” you might say to follow to get it right. Write it on

your arm or the inside of your hand to remind you of your daily walk. Remember

when you did that for a test in school to cheat on the test. The great part is that

you won’t get in trouble for it this time. Lol!


Galatians 5:6

6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but

faith working through love.


The Jewish nation felt that their actions through the flesh would prove their faith,

but it isn’t through our flesh that we prove our love, but rather through our love

in our heart we prove to God our faith in Him.


We try to do a lot of things through our actions, like cleaning the church, or

working in the children’s area or going to a rehabilitation center to visit, but it is

the condition of our heart as we do these things, that touches the heart of God. If

we are doing these things to be seen by men, then we have our reward, which is

the praises of others. However, it must be our love for God that moves us to do all

things. He is the rewarder and lover of our souls. This should be the only reason

why we do anything. Our actions should be to please God and God alone. Our

actions will come out looking just like God, full of love.


It is the love of God in our hearts that He remembers. He knows our labor of love

and will never forget! This builds our faith and causes us to do what we do. We

base all things on our love for the Father, which builds our faith in Him.


As our love grows for someone, growth comes with time and effort and

submission of our heart to them. Love is built over time, and consistency and

reliability of good works. You come to know, beyond what evidence you see, and

beyond what others would say… that you know you can rely on the other person.

Love is developed, and trust is grown, and faith is deepened.


When God comes into your life, through His son Jesus Christ, this amazing

exchange of information happens, and you begin to find everything you need is in

Him. Every word that He speaks, speaks directly into your soul and begins to

change you. You begin to realize that you were loved all along and that His love

just continues no matter what you have done and no matter what you will do. His

love wins you over because He is determined to love you, and you will find

yourself loving Him back. Then you know it’s the best decision that you have ever

made in your life. You believe the love and now you give love and faith grows.

Your faith grows in Him. You begin to have less faith in yourself, and more faith in

the God on the inside of you. You will come to learn that you can do nothing

without this love.


What should love building faith look like?

· Peace – surpassing all-natural understanding because we pull from the


· Joy – that I draw my strength from and it dwells on the inside of me

· Rest – in the One that loves me. Casting the whole of my care on Him,

because He told me to. And He always knows best.


Love will always win! Love will NEVER fail!

Love will always build your confidence and faith in the One you love.

Faith grows through our love for the One who loved us first and always.


Coming up next week: “How we grow and sustain our faith?”

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