Psalm 23 Part 6
God’s Comfort Through
His Protective Arms

“Where lives change and where life can begin again”

It always amazes me the amount of revelation you can get from just

one passage of scripture. God’s word has so much depth to it that we

could never reach its true depth in a lifetime. However, the fun is

searching for it, knowing that it is in there hidden for us. God knew in

our search, we would find joy, peace, love, and all the treasures we have

been searching for in the world. All of it is found in Him.


Let’s dig some more as we search for the “jewels” in the Word of God.


Psalm 23:4b

“…Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”


I am not sure how many people stop and really analyze what that

means to us.

It takes studying of the Shepherd and what the rod and the staff mean

to the Shepherd and the sheep.


The Shepherd is one that protects, which in this Psalm represents Jesus.

The Shepherd takes care and feeds, waters, protects, and cares for the

sheep. He is there to provide, and in many cases, to be their Savior.

Sometimes, sheep can get in the worst situations.

A rod was carried by the Shepherd to correct and guide the sheep. If a

sheep were to wander off in the wrong direction, they would use the

rod to tap them into the right direction and to get them back into the



The staff was an interesting piece that the Shepherd kept with him.

Some staffs were made with a crook on them. Which is a hook on the

end of the stick to be used to get the sheep out of danger. Some sheep

may wander into situations, where they cannot get out on their own,

and the Shepherd had to hook the crook around the neck of the sheep

and pull them to safety.


I don’t know about you, but I can see myself in those situations and

seeing my Savior pulling me out of my “mess” and guiding me to safety

on many occasions.


Psalm 73:24

“…You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny…”


As we keep the Word of God as our continual counsel, He guides us

with his rod to safety and protection.


The staff was also a symbol of authority. When the sheep saw the rod

or the staff, they did not fear it but respected its ability to help them

and guide them and save them in times of need. They found comfort in

the rod and the staff because it was there for them to lead them to

their destination or destiny.


The rod or the staff was also a symbol of support for the Shepherd. The

road gets hard and rugged, and the staff is there to support the

Shepherd to help him get over the hardest parts of the mountains.

When the Shepherd is supported, the sheep will always have a strong

Shepherd to look after them. If the Shepherd gets tired, the sheep

could be in trouble.


The Rod and the Staff are there for everyone. I see in this passage the

Rod and the Staff as being the Word of God. The Word of God is there

to comfort us, water us, protect us, and guide us through the

worst times in our lives. The Word of God “grounds” us to Jesus and

guides us back to Him whenever we go astray. It is the authority that

comes from the mouth of God to us. In those hard times when we are

sweating about the hard places in our lives, the Rod and Staff will guide

us to the safety of the Word. “I think we dug out a gem!”


Take up your rod and your staff (The Word of God) and allow it to

comfort you today! It will guide you to the comfort of His arms and into

the presence of our Savior!


Next week we will be talking about:

“God Prepares a Table for Us with Our Enemies


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