Psalm 23 Part 7
God Prepares a Table Before Us,
With Our Enemies Watching

“Where lives change and where life can begin again”

Psalm 23 tells the story of God’s love and His protective nature. He will

never allow a bully to come in and “run over” us and destroy what He

has made. He prepares a place for us, that we must make the decision

to walk into. We have the choice, but it takes faith. It takes faith to step

out onto roads we cannot see and trust that He will make them “visible”

as we step. It takes faith to step through life listening to His voice as we

look foolish to the world, knowing and standing on what God has told

us! It is a path that everyone cannot take, but He has chosen us for

such a time as this. “Will you trust me”, I always hear in my heart. “Yes,

Lord”, is what I always say.


Psalm 23:5a

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;


Such a strong statement! For many years I did not know what that

meant or how to really translate that. As I began to meditate upon this

verse of scripture, He began to reveal to me what that looks like.


I saw a large table with all the blessings of God on it. All my blessings

that God intends for me. He set them out for me to see, but He also set

them out for all the demonic kingdom to see.

God has set a table for all of us, that is especially made for each one of

us. My blessings are not necessarily your blessings and yours are not

necessarily mine, but we all have blessings that God intends for each of

us to have. However, it is our job to obtain those blessings through the

active participation of the covenant we have with God. Through our

faith, our love, our forgiveness, or words and our attitude. Through all

these things we grow and mature and look more and more like Jesus.

Then we can handle the blessings of God and really be able to

distribute the way God intends. It becomes less about us and more

about Him.


Take a journey with me to a room. There is a table made of all your

dreams and desires and all the things that you will ever need and are

believing for. Your enemies are in the room. They want to stop those

blessings from ever reaching you. However, God has set the table. No

devil from the kingdom of darkness can stop you from reaching your

blessings. Even though they try, they know they cannot stop God or

you. The only way they stop you, is by convincing you that you can

never obtain your desires and you will always be without. Then, your

words change, your attitude changes, your faith changes and the very

things that are there to unlock your blessings are being used against

you. We are the only ones that can stop our blessings. Satan tries to

hold up our blessings long enough to get us to change our words, our

faith, our attitude and our love so that it can change the course of our



Your enemies know they cannot touch your stuff, only your thoughts.

But sometimes that is enough to change everything.


Know that God has set a table for you, and your enemies are watching.

Don’t let them persuade you that the table of promises aren’t there.

They are there for you and they are coming to you. Keep your eyes

upon the promises of God and know that you can trust what He says.

Keep loving and saying the right words over the promises of God, keep

your attitude right and always forgive. Forgiveness is the key to

freedom. Which is something we will talk about at another time.


You have angels all around your table, protecting you and your stuff!!

Don’t give up!


Next week:

“He Anoints Our Head with Oil, and We Are Running


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