The Power of Words – “The Word of God”

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The Power of Words – “The Word of God”
Joshua 1:8-9 Expanded Bible
·Always remember [LDo not let depart from your mouth] what is written in the Book of the ·Teachings [Law]. ·Study [Meditate on] it day and night to be ·sure [careful; diligent] to obey everything that is written there. If you do this, you will be ·wise [prudent; successful] and ·successful [prosperous]·in everything [or along life’s path; along the way]. ·Remember that I [LHave I not…?] commanded you to be strong and ·brave [courageous; resolute]. Don’t be afraid or ·discouraged [dismayed], because the Lord your God will be with you ·everywhere you go [or in all you do].”
We must never forget as we read the bible, that God intends for theblessing to be for everyone, not just Joshua or others that He speaks to in the bible. As God is encouraging one with wisdom and instruction, He is speaking to all of us. As He is encouraging Joshua to “be strong and of a good courage”, He is speaking to you as well.
The importance of the Word of God is so vital to our success in our life’s “journey”. Whether our journey is long or short, we must apply thetruths of the Word to our lives to receive the fullness of what God desires to bring to our lives. You will notice that God said for the Word of God not to depart from (his) your mouth. In other words, never stop speaking it, declaring it, speaking it over everything for success and prosperity in every area of your life. In doing this, you will draw strength and power from the Word of God that will successfully take you to your destiny.
Proverbs 4:20-22 Expanded Bible
20 My ·child [Lson], pay attention to my words;
    ·listen closely to what I say [Lbend your ear to my speech].
21 Don’t ·ever forget my words [Llet your eyes slip];
    ·keep them always in mind [Lguard them in your heart].
22 They are ·the key to life [Llife] for those who find them;
    they bring health to the whole body.
When I was battling with sickness and disease in my body, I meditated on this scripture for years until I saw no symptom in my body. Sometimes it takes years to see a manifestation in your body, but never give up. God is at work in you and for you. I would never tell you to not seek the help of a doctor, but what I will tell you is never stop saying the Word of God over your life. It does indeed bring health and healing and life to you!
…because the Lord your God will be with you ·everywhere you go [or in all you do].” (Joshua 1:9)
God will never leave you alone to fight. He sent His Spirit to be inside of us to teach us all things. (John 14:26) We have angels that protect us and will stand with us and minister for us as we speak the Word. (Ps 91:11-12, Heb 1:14) God has placed His Word here to give us the life-giving source that we need to thrive in this world.
Psalms 1:2-3 Expanded Bible
They ·love [delight in] the Lord’s ·teachings [laws; instructions],
    and they ·think about [meditate on] those ·teachings[laws; instructions] day and night.
They are like a tree planted by ·a river [Lstreams of water; Cfull of life, strong, vibrant].
    The tree produces fruit in season,
    and its leaves don’t ·die [wither].
Everything they do will ·succeed [prosper].
Before we become truly successful in every area of our lives, whether it looks like it or not, we must realize the importance of the life-giving source of the Word of God. It is our instruction, wisdom, encouragement, peace and confidence in the One that made us and loves us. The Word of God (spoken) out of our mouths sends the power of God’s words into the atmosphere to change, mold, restore, rejuvenate and bring all things to life. If our negative words are hitting the atmosphere agreeing with what we see and feel, our lives go on a downward spiral toward destruction and the god of this world catches our words and tries to bring s them to pass.
Whose words are you speaking? Your words are vital to your success and victory. Line your words up with the words of God. Believe that your success is imminent for this is the promise of God!
As we end this series on The Power of Words, consider from this day forward what you are saying over your life. You are accountable for every idle word, [Matthew 12:36] because your words are extremely powerful. What you speak is being created, so always consider thewords that you speak!
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