Who is LifePointe?

At LifePointe, we are about building community and bringing change to people’s lives. We are a spirit-filled, faith based church led by Pastors Tommy and Lynette. To learn more about the family of LifePointe, click on the about us tab above.

LifePointe is a place that loves people. Our desire is to see people grow in the knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus and to allow them to have a full experience of the love of Christ during our services and teachings. 

We strive and endeavor to be…

A ministry of excellence, properly reflecting the image of Christ.

To move people from a religious mindset, to a complete reality of a life in Christ Jesus.

To educate people in their covenant rights, their authority and their responsibilities as we walk this life together.

To make and train true disciples in Christ and to be truly rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

To love people enough to preach, teach, and reach them with the uncompromising Word of God. 

We live and exist to walk out God’s plan for this ministry!

Welcome to LifePointe!


Join Us in Person or Online.

Want to know us better? Check out our live streaming schedule below:

Join Us Sundays in Person or Online

Sunday Mornings at 10 a.m.
1220 1st Ave, Coralville, IA 52241

Join Us for a morning of Prayer,
Praise & Worship, Sound Biblical Teaching,
and Fellowshipping with fellow Believers.

Join Us Wednesday in Person or Online

For a morning of Prayer with Pastor Tommy
at 11:30 (Zoom Only)

In depth teaching with Pastor's Tommy and
Lynette on Life Pointes at 6:30 pm in person at Purpose Place at 611 Southgate Ave,
Iowa City, IA 52240

Sorrow: One Night with God, is the first book by Pastor Lynette Roberts. Making her official debut as an author, Pastor Lynette has been an inspiring writer for many years. Through her 'Warmth of God's Love' weekly devotionals, Pastor Lynette has touched the hearts and lives of millions around the world for the Kingdom of God. And with this inaugural book, she is sure to continue to do the same. So, you don't want to be without your copy. Order your copy today by clicking the link below. And we pray that you continue to experience the Warmth of God's Love.

I'm reading this book that Pastor Lynette wrote and it's like I'm reading a love letter. The love and trust she has for God I so beautiful and inspiring and strong. Just reading the book you can't help but to fall in love more with God and I said to myself that I want that kind of relationship. I wanna feel the love and peace of God like she does. Just wanted to share.

- Lindsey L.

“What can be harder than the grief of your child. When Pastor Lynette announced that her book “Sorrow, One Night with God” is coming out, I was so excited. I bought it and I started reading it right away. I have highlighted all the things that opened my eyes and touched my heart. Then I decided to write a review about it, and I did. But I never shared it with anyone. What’s mind blowing is that a few months after, my sister who lives in Romania, lost her son the same way and at the same age as the daughter of Pastor Lynette. 

I flew back home, to Romania, to attend my nephew’s funeral. One Night after I came back, I decided to reread “Sorrow, One Night with God” again. The first time I read the book, I thought that it was so good and empowering. But after the tragedy struck our family, every single word was different and deeper.

This is just a drop of the goodness of the -Sorrow, One Night with God”- “God is the way of escape, arms of safety. He is that comfort in the Night and that sweet kiss in the morning” p.27.

“You may not dance for a while, but the day will come, when you will dance again.” p.74

So, if you are searching for healing, you found it. “Sorrow, One Night with God” was written by a woman of Faith. By a mother who deeply loves God and believes that her child was God’s before was hers.

- Simona Salih

pastor Lynette’s "Warmth of God's Love"

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