The Armor of God Part 2 – “The Loin Belt” The Written Word of God

The Armor of God – "The Loin Belt"
The Written Word of God

“Where lives change and where life can begin again”

Some people look at the “Armor of God” and say, “I know that already”. What I

have learned walking with God for over 25 years is that I really don’t know much

of anything. Every day I must strive to learn and grow, because of the depth of

God’s Word that can never be exhausted. In my short years on this earth, I have

only touched maybe the “surface” of the knowledge that God is giving to us each

day. Even if I live to be 120 years old, I will always strive to be a lifelong learner.


Now, let’s take time to learn more, let’s talk about the “Loin Belt” of the Armor of


The Loin Belt serves as a supportive piece of armor to protect the life-giving Word

of God. It surrounds and protects and supports the other pieces of the armor.

Remember, the loin area is the reproductive or life-giving area of a human being.

This support piece is highly necessary for success in re-producing life.

Without support groups in war, we cannot fight to our best ability. In the military,

we have all types of support staff. Different groups support in different ways.

Some bring the food, some supplies, ammunition, medical help, etc., but all

support the fight for success! There are other parts of the armor that will be worn

directly in the battle as well, but never discount the supportive armor in the fight.

Every part is important!


The Written Word of God is described as a “Loin Belt” because it is that supportive

part bringing life to us every day. The Written Word of God infuses life to each

person that opens his/her heart to receive the written words on the pages. It is a

book full of life, written for us to thrive and succeed in every area. By much study,

we learn that Satan does not come for us, but for the Word that is sown into our

hearts. (Mark 4:15) Because Satan knows that without the Word, we are like a

floating ship, waiting to crash. However, with the Word, we are stable and secure

and we thrive with life, flowing from all that we do. Satan wants to steal the Word,

because of its life-giving power. The last thing Satan wants you to have is POWER!

But you better know, it’s already in you.


The Loin Belt is the only piece of armor that you can actually see. It is the piece of

armor that holds all things together, our spiritual life, our marriages, our

relationships, our finances, and our health. When applying the Word to our lives,

everything fits together according to God’s plan and God’s plan is always the best

plan. It is the only piece of armor that we can hold and touch and read each day

to receive everything that God intends for us to have. He wrote these words

directly for us and to us. To bring us life abundantly and to reproduce ourselves

and to grow in the earth.


I have told this analogy many times in my sermons, but maybe someone that is

reading this may not have heard this before. I see God’s written word in a totally

different way. They are “Love letters” to me! “My Father” is talking to me.


Have you ever received a “love letter” in the mail? Even though that person was not

there to read it to you, that letter is just as real as the person that wrote it. The

only difference is that the letter is written on pages. It is what the author would

have said himself if he were standing there with you.


That is the same for the Word of God. God wrote these letters to you, with love for

you. God has you on his mind and desires of good for your life. Stop reading the

bible like a “good book” or even more so, like a “required book”. Read it as “love

letters” to you and directly for you.


If David was indeed the author of Psalm 119, he didn’t fear God, he loved God

and His Word. He knew that everything that God wrote was pure love for us. To

bring us to a great end and to enable us to live our lives in God’s complete


Live your life surrounded by the Word of God. The Word is our support in the

time of need. It is the lifter of our heads and the very thing that brings light in the

darkness. Without the Word of God, “our pants fall down” and we look quite silly

tripping over our own pants. Unfortunately, that is sort of what happens in life with

“No God” in it. The Loin Belt is the part of the armor that holds everything

together and keeps us grounded and focused and our pants in place. (lol) Oh

come on, laugh a little bit. Can’t you picture it!


Tighten your Loin Belt securely around you and never leave home or be at home

without it! The Written Word of God!!


Read Psalm 119


Next week:

The Armor of God – The Breastplate – Righteousness

“Keeping it Right”

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